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How to lose pregnancy weight?

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Post-pregnancy Weight
The majority of new mums find that they are disappointed with their post-pregnancy weight. Often they notice that their post-pregnancy weight is the same as their weight during the final stages of labour, and if there is some difference in weight, it is likely to be insignificant.

Causes of excess weight

There are several reasons for a lack of post-pregnancy weight loss.

During the stage of post-pregnancy, the loss of the weight of the baby and that of the placenta and amniotic fluid is replaced by fluid retention.

This is especially common if you benefited from IV fluids during labour. Fluid retention should reduce two to three weeks following labour. Excess fluid will be removed from the body in the urine and through sweat.
Post-pregnancy Diet
Weight loss after baby can be facilitated by following a fat loss plan. This should incorporate both a post-pregnancy diet and exercise to reduce weight.

Below are a few diet tips that aim at losing after-pregnancy weight.

To achieve fat loss, it is recommended that you consume between eight and ten glasses of water daily. This can aid in creating a feeling of fullness and hence reduces your appetite for calorific foods.

Replace processed foods with healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables and choose lean meats such as chicken.

Replace white bread with whole grain bread and avoid foods that claim to be fat-free. Fat-free foods are often full of sugar and loaded with calories.

It is important to ensure that your post-pregnancy diet contains enough protein as protein is required for you to produce enough breast milk for your baby.
Post-pregnancy Exercise
You should aim to start post-pregnancy exercise as soon as you feel ready.

Begin with light exercises.

Consider taking long walks with your baby, use the stairs instead of the lift, or walk to the local shop rather than take the car. If possible, sign up to a gym offering babysitting services.

Do not forget that breastfeeding burns calories. If you struggle to breastfeed successfully, seek the help of a local breastfeeding peer support group or ask for advice from the healthcare professional overseeing your own health and that of your baby.

Finally, be patient. You will not lose baby fat overnight and it is certainly not advisable for you to rush things.

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