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What are the causes of frequent urination at night?

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For the majority of people, urination only occurs four to eight times in a single day. However, people who have excessive urination tend to go more than eight times in a day and even during the night.


There can be simple reasons for nighttime urination, such as drinking too much during the day and too close to the time of going to sleep. However, there can be conditions and diseases that cause it as well.
Foods and beverages which cause frequent urination
There are some food products and drinks which can cause urinary problems. These include alcohol, tea, cola, energy drinks, and coffee. Caffeine irritates an overactive bladder. Chocolate is also included in the caffeinated list.

Citrus fruits and drinks as well as tomatoes are all acidic irritants. Spicy foods, bananas, apples, sour cream, aged cheese, and processed foods are all on the list of foods that can cause this condition.
Frequent urination medical causes
According to WebMD, urinary frequency along with fever and pain can signal an infection. Other causes for urinating frequently include diabetes, pregnancy, interstitial cystitis, prostate issues, stroke, bladder cancer, bladder problems, radiation therapy, and the use of diuretics.

An infection which starts in the urinary tract, if left untreated, can become bladder infections or continue to rise and cause kidney infections. Always see a doctor for proper diagnosis of frequent urination. If you have brown urine, pain after urination, urine odour, or flank pain, you must see a doctor immediately.
Tests which will possibly be ordered when you go to the doctor for excessive urination can include a urinalysis, cystometry, cystoscopy, ultrasonography, or neurological testing.

A urinalysis checks for compounds in the urine.

Cystometry measures bladder pressure.

Cystoscopy looks at the bladder and urethra through a lighted tube.

Ultrasonography is an imaging test.

Neurological testing can rule out nerve disorders.

Any of these tests are common in diagnosing conditions associated with frequent urination.

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