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Covid UK, testing of Remdesivir antiviral drug started

The government has announced the launch of a remdesivir drug trial programme which appears to have positive effects in Covid therapy as well.

Covid UK, testing of Remdesivir

The UK Government has announced the launch of a trial programme for Remdesivir, an antiviral drug effective against Ebola, which appears to have positive effects in Covid therapy as well. “It’s probably the biggest step forward in Covid-19 treatment research” said Matt Hancock, the Johnson government’s Saute Minister, at the emergency press conference in Downing Street alongside Professor John Newton, national test coordinator.

Testing of Remdesivir started

Hancock spoke of “promising results”, although “very preliminary” in this trial and stressed the parallel progress towards a vaccine, but insisted that – until vaccines or drugs are certainly effective – we must insist on social distance, which has helped to greatly reduce the rate of infection, as the UK approaches phase 2 of the emergency from June. “The death toll is falling, but we must maintain our determination,” he said.

Covid, UK: In 24 hours 134 deaths

Meanwhile, the official death toll from Coronavirus in the UK is 134, according to the Health Department’s daily update on the last 24 hours surveyed. The total number of deaths found with tampons rises to over 37,000, although the latest estimates based on the statistical calculations of the ONS, the British Istat (and enlarged to the cases of suspected death from Covid-19) now indicate more than 47,000 victims.

In the meantime, the total number of infections reached 265,227, with a confirmed curve declining around 2,000 per day. While daily tests performed nationwide remain above 100,000, almost 3.7 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

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