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Italian singer Carmen Consoli talks homosexuality, sex and drugs

When people think of Vibrato in a voice they automatically think Opera, but this is wrong; lots of pop singers sing with a vibrato and Carmen Consoli, one of Italy’s most talented artists has that slightly wavering quality which never fails to weave a spell on the listener.

However we are not here to talk about that, but to comment on Carmen Consoli’s latest interview during which the popular singer spoke her mind on such topics as homosexuality, sex and drugs.

She told A magazine that she comes from an open-minded family where homosexuality was not taboo at all.

Sexuality does not define a person and if she should ever have child (maybe with a woman -who knows?) she hopes it will be gay.
Carmen Consoli also talked at length about drugs,revealing that she is in favour of their legalisation.
This, she said, would end drug trafficking once for all.

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