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Luxury holidays in Italy: Palazzo Sasso Hotel, Ravello

25 April, 2020
Nestled above the Amalfi coast, the beautiful town of Ravello has always been a great favourite with the glitterati and Anglo-American expatriates (writer Gore Vidal lived here for years). So if you want to mix with the rich and famous…

Laura Pausini in New Year's Eve concert

15 April, 2020
The super successful Italian singer and leading Italian diva, Laura Pausini, will perform a New Year’s Eve concert at Olbia in Sardinia, receiving 400,000 euros for the evening, according to reports. She will perform on a 30 metre stage, equipped…

Luxury hotels on the Amalfi Coast: Santa Catarina

12 April, 2020
We’re not really in the times when splurging on holidays is recommended, but if you want to save the economy, then spending a little extra could be what keeps things afloat. So if you have some extra cash and are…

Two new Italian sites join Unesco geo-parks list

8 April, 2020
Good news for the parks here in Italy; two more sites have in fact just been added to the Unesco ’s world heritage site list. Actually we are talking about the Global Network of National Geoparks which is backed by…

New Year's Eve in Italy at Ischia health spas

27 March, 2020
Combining health spas with New Year’s Eve in Italy is a great way to prepare for 2010, and the island of Ischia in Campania, and its thermal springs could be the place for you. You can celebrate San Silvestro by…

Italian food: anchovies from Cetara, on the Amalfi Coast

24 March, 2020
If you’ve ever been confused over the real name of anchovies in Italy, then you’re forgiven as it appears that the name varies across the regions. Traditionally called “acciughe”, you will often see the name “alici” which refers to the…

Michelangelo's drawings on display in Amalfi

24 March, 2020
The town of Amalfi is hosting until 22 November an art exhibition devoted to Michelangelo, one of the greatest geniuses of the Renaissance period. At the Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see six drawings…

Island of Ischia Pictures

23 March, 2020
Ischia is a small volcanic island in the Thyrrhenian Sea of the west coast of Italy. From its shores on clear days one can spot Naples which is just 17 miles away. The island is almost entirely mountainous and its…

Italian recipes for fall: eggplant parmigiana

22 March, 2020
Eggplants, or aubergines, are in season at the moment and with the days getting shorter and temperatures lower, it’s time to try the comfort food of the traditional Italian recipe, melanzane alla parmigiana. I did my first attempt with an…

Tina Turner's shopping spree in Positano

21 March, 2020
After arriving in Positano on an amazing yacht designed by Donald Starkey in 1999, American singer Tina Turner went on a shopping spree. The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, fed up with lying in the sun, paid a visit to…

Japanese movie increases tourism in Amalfi

21 March, 2020
This is not the first time that a movie increases tourism; in the recent past, it has happened with the Lord Of The Ring trilogy, the Harry Potter saga and Ridley Scott’s A Good Year, so it did not surprise…

Ferrari Pit Stop store opens in Italy

15 March, 2020
The new Ferrari “Pit Stop” store, as it’s called, is all about luxury Italian accessories from the world of Ferrari motorsport. Despite controversy over how the 2010 F1 season finished up for the Italian brand, the world still can’t get…