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IOPC: Risen sharply, police abusing role for sexual gain

The IOPC announced the misconduct was confirmed in 63 of the cases.

IOPC: Risen sharply, police abusing role for sexual gain

A watchdog revealed that police officers and staff misusing their position for sexual gain is instantly the most comprehensive form of police corruption.

IOPC: Risen sharply, police officers abusing role for sexual gain

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) published cases numbers in England and Wales that had “risen sharply” in the prior three years.

It also warned that the perpetrators have “no position in policing”.

Figures showed police abusing role

About 66 officers and police staff faced investigation for abusing their profession for a sexual desire. It even includes 42 in the past year only.

It occurred between April 2018 and March 2021.

The IOPC announced the misconduct was confirmed in 63 of the cases. The details were 52 police officers or staff facing foul misconduct proceedings for the worst offences. More than half were discharged or retired, as well as banned from working for the police again.

Seven people were also sued for criminal offences. It led to six convictions. Three were given urgent prison punishments. The latest figures show a vital addition compared with just 10 in 2016.

Police abusing role = corruption

The IOPC’s deputy director-general for operations, Claire Bassett, stated:

“What these numbers represent is that this is a very pressing form of corruption, but also those police officers that do this will get discovered and will experience significant sanction for that if they do.”

A culture in policing should have a zero-tolerance of any form of behaviour that is insulting, is sexist, is homophobic, added her.

Chief constable Lauren Poultney, the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for counter-corruption mentioned “The released numbers by the Independent Office for Police Conduct will cause concern.”

She also emphasized that police are working hard to root out those who are interested in policing for the wrong reasons.


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