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Boris Johnson to tell home workers to go back to the office

The British Prime Minister said that it is very important that people now return to work as carefully as possible.

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Boris Johnson: "Home workers go back to the office"

Boris Johnson set out plans on Friday to make millions of workers in England back to work. He should do that even though it is amid concerns of ongoing damage to the economy. The official advice remains that employees should work from home when they can, but in recent days, the PM said they can start to consider going back to the office.

Home workers can return to the office from August

The UK Prime Minister said to ministers that ten of thousands of Whitehall civil servants could “set an example” by returning to work. Then August can be earmarked as the introduction of a net nuanced system for travel networks. However, it won’t be a green light for bosses to force all staff back into work.

He also hopes to encourage people to use public transport and to believe that it is safe to use. The details on using public transportation safely and the new roadmap will show how staff can return to work over the next nine months. The use in peak hours is still strongly discouraged, except for essential trips. Will be encouraged to drive, walk and ride bicycles.

The chief of the FDA union Dave Penman said: “Civil servants are there to provide vital public services, not simply supply customers to city-centre economies at a risk to their personal health”.

Compulsory to wear a face covering

From July 24, it will become mandatory to wear a face mask when visiting a supermarket or a high street store. If you do not comply with the rules you can be fined £100. Although the deaths caused by Coronavirus have decreased in recent weeks, queues have increased in front of shops and nail parlours and tattoo studios have opened. So, the Government has decided the time is right for mandatory face coverings. Still, the UK’s Covid-19 death toll reached 45,053 on Wednesday. There is an increase of 85 on the day before.

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