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Geoffrey Cox labels Boris Johnson’s Brexit amendments “unconscionable”

Geoffrey Cox labels Boris Johnson's Brexit amendments "unconscionable"

Geoffrey Cox vs PM

Boris Johnson’s Brexit amendments have been publicly blasted by senior Tory MP Geoffrey Cox before today’s debate on the Internal Market Bill.

Geoffrey Cox against the Brexit amendments by Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister’s controversial attempt to introduce an Internal Market Bill has been subject to a lot of scrutiny both nationally and internationally as it contravenes international law.

Now, Boris Johnson faces the possibility of a rebellion within his own party, led by Geoffrey Cox.

Cox has justified his decision to vote against the motion by declaring that the PM knew the legally binding nature of the Withdrawal Agreement. What the PM certainly did not know before signing the agreement was that the “Canada plus plus plus deal” as stated by EU Council President Donald Tusk and negotiated by Michel Barnier would be taken off the table as soon as the UK was entrapped by international law.

Speaking on the matter, Robert Buckland says that the Internal Market Bill is likely never to be used and that he would resign if it was used in an unacceptable way. The PM has also spoken out to say that the EU could “carve up our country” without the new legislation. Sir Bob Neil, chairman of the Commons justice committee is trying to make an amendment which would put a “parliamentary lock” on changes to the Withdrawal Agreement.

It was expeted that following a landslide majority from the 2019 elections, Brexit infighting was over. Unfortunately, fours years on from the EU referendum, a few still wish to defy the democratic vote of the British people


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