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Boris Johnson to sign off new border plan against covid variants today

The Government's 'Covid-O committee' will have to decide whether tougher border measures will apply to some travellers or to all of them.

Boris Johnson already confirmed tighter measures will apply to UK borders in order to defend the country from covid mutations from abroad. The Prime Minister will attend a Covid-O committee meeting today and a new border plan will reportedly be signed off by the end of the day.

Johnson to sign off new border plan

Recently , the Prime Minister already confirmed UK Government will do anything in its possibilities to defend the country from covid mutations from abroad, in order to continue pursuing the target of vaccinating 12 million people by mid-February, while keeping new infections out of the country. Reportedly, travellers coming to the UK will have to quarantine for 10 days in guarded hotels and paying their own hotel bill, which could cost about £1,000. About 8,000 people are returning to the UK daily, which means the 10,000 hotel beds available at Heathrow Airport would soon fill up and new arrangements would need to be made.

Ministers will have to decide whether the new measures- keeping travellers in hotels-will apply only to some arrivals or whether to all of them. Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed: “It is incredibly important that we are cautious at the border.

Travelling to at-risk countries as Brazil and South Africa is already banned for non British nationals, although Britons are still allowed to return to their homes. The Covid-O committee meeting will take place today and new updates will probably be available soon, although no announcements have been planned yet.


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