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How to Recycle Coffee Capsules and Pods Correctly

coffee capsules

For many people, coffee is the fuel that makes them get out of bed and face their busy lives. Not surprisingly, someone once said that “humanity runs on coffee”. But what about the waste we produce while drinking it – such as coffee capsules and pods?

Benefits of Coffee on Your Health

Rich in precious nutrients for the body, coffee can be considered a real ally of well-being. First of all, it is the largest source of antioxidants in the Western diet. According to scientific literature, in fact, coffee drinkers would get more antioxidants from this drink than from the set of fruits and vegetables consumed daily.

Among the many nutritional components of coffee, the most studied is undoubtedly caffeine, because it has important properties, such as:

  • Stimulating gastric and bile secretion – this is why it is believed that coffee at the end of a meal facilitates digestion;
  • Stimulating cardiac and nervous function – this is why many people appreciate its energy effect;
  • Encouraging weight loss (lipolytic effect). Caffeine stimulates the use of fats for energy purposes and thermogenesis, increasing the amount of calories burned;
  • Reducing appetite.

However, coffee fans should also be aware of how to recycle coffee capsules and pods, so they can enjoy this drink with a clear conscience.

Recycling Coffee Capsules and Pods

The coffee capsules on the market are made of plastic, aluminium or of recyclable material. Plastic capsules are the hardest to recycle. They cannot be thrown away in the plastic bin since their tub is made of aluminium and they still contain coffee after they have been used. Recycling them may be hard, but not impossible. It is enough to separate the aluminum tab from the plastic container, throw the coffee with the organic waste, and wash the plastic before recycling it.

Aluminium capsules are much better for the environment since this material is 100% recyclable. The problem here is that to recycle aluminium, you have to bring it yourself to the dedicated collection point. Anyway, it sounds harder than it is. If you are still not convinced, try to think about the good you are doing for our planet!

However, if recycling plastic and aluminium capsules is too much for you, there are two good and sustainable alternatives: recyclable capsules or coffee pods! It is possibile to throw both of them with the organic waste. The first one is recyclable while the second one is made of filtered paper – the same used for tea bags.

If you are are a creative person you could also opt to reuse plastic and aluminium capsules by making some artistic creations out of them. All you need is creativity! Moreover, if you like gardening or you have plants in your apartment, you can reuse coffee at home. Fore example, you could use the coffee grounds to fertilize your plants since they are very beneficial for them.

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