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US Elections and Environment: The Role of Climate Change in the Candidates’ Campaign

US elections

Climate change is nowadays an issue: it has already had observable impacts on the environment. As a result, effects that scientists predicted would be the outcome of how global climate change are now occurring. Just think about loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.

Global warming has to be faced even in politics. For what concerns 2020 US Elections, will candidates cover the issues about climate change? They will discuss how to cope with rising sea levels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, even as climate has been eliminated in the debates, presidential candidates have been cranking out some strategies to deal with.

Why Politicians Should Talk About Climate Change

The role of climate change is getting more relevant among people. Just think to climate strikes organized by students, including Greta Thumberg, a 15-year-old student from Sweden. “We are striking today to build a better future tomorrow”, Greta said at a COP24 climate summit in Poland. Between the 20th September and 27th September, several people took the streets in global climate crisis protests. There will be an estimated 8oo actions in the US, 400 in Germany, and even more in the UK, Australia, France and Belgium. Furtheremore, 13 Indian cities and 12 Indonesian ones are taking part to the protests.

Another key point is global pollution. The five most polluting countries are usually the most developed ones – China (30%), United States (15%), India (7%), Russia (5%), Japan (4%). However, some of them seem to be aware they have to reduce their emissions. Among them, US is the biggest industrial and commercial power in the world. One of the consequences of global warming and this alarming data is also the intensity of heavy precipitation. This is happening especially in the US – even in regions where precipitations should decrease, like in the Southwest.

US Elections as an Opportunity to Draw Attention to the Problem

US Elections has a significant impact all over the world. According to the most recent surveys, only 29% of American people approve Trump scepticism about climate change. 62% is unfavourable and 24% of Republican electors would vote for him. Hence, it means around the double than 13% for Scott Walker and more than 12% for Jeb Bush. Since there is discontent, how could new politicians gain “easy” votes? For instance, they might rely on students, or young people in general. Considering that many of them are going to vote in the elections for the first time, probably they will choose MEPs who support more climate action. This will be a real future change in European institutions.

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