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Tottenham star Eric Dier jumps into the crowd to fight for “hurling insults”

Eric Dier, the Tottenham stars, jumped into the crowd to confront of of the club's supporters.

Eric Dier
Eric Dier jumps into the crowd

Eric Dier, the Tottenham stars, jumped into the crowd to confront of of the club’s supporters. It’s because the fan verbally abuse him in FA Cup after North Londoners knocked out.

Eric Dier jumps into the crowd

Actually Dier was heading for the tunnel then spotted his brother arguing with fan who had been abusing him. His brother sitting in an area which only allow for player’s family. That’s where the incident occured. He climbed over row of seats and invaded into crowds. The tension become high after Spurs had crashed out on penalties to Norwich, blowing their best hope of winning a trophy this season.

Footage shows that a man in a black and orange coat running away when Dier approaches. Tottenham, the police and the Football Association are all investigating the incident and a fan has already been identified.

This incident occurred when Tottenham vs Norwich City played for the FA Cup. Actually the score of the match between them is 1-1. Then they decided to have penalty. Tottenham Hotspur’s journey in the FA Cup this season must stop in the fifth round. Facing Norwich City, The Lilywhites lost the 2-3 on penalty.

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