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How to make a futon frame

1. Tool and materials
© Velo Steve (Flickr) Too Many Hammers
© Velo Steve (Flickr)

Making a frame
To make a simple futon frame you should probably consider wood over metal because metal futons, though strong and relatively cheap can become unstable with time, owing to the spring hinge system used to assemble the parts.

Gather the material and tools required for the project such as:
Sand paper
25 wood strips, 1 inch by 2 inches by 39 inches
2 wood beams, 2 inches by 4 inches by 75 inches (The wood should be preferably pine because it’s softer and therefore easier to work with.)
Power drill
Wood screws 1.5 inches (50 pieces) 2. Clear space
Importance of having a clear space
Use the sand paper to make the pieces of wood as smooth as possible.
Then, clear appropriate space for your frame in the room.
It is easier to build the frame in the house than build it outside or in the garage and to later move it to the house.
3. Placement
Where to place it?
Place the beams on their edges.
Ensure that they are parallel and are at least 30 inches apart from each other. Start by placing the first wood strip at an angle perpendicular to the beams.
After doing so, ensure that one edge is fully aligned with one set of the beams’ ends.
Finish up this process by ensuring that the wooden strip extends evenly on the outer surface of the beams.
4. Setting the wood strips
How to make sure that the wood strips are well placed?
Ensure that the slat is properly screwed in place through screwing each beam with one wood screw.
The screw should be set in such a way that it is at the centre of both the beam and the slat.
Make sure you sink the screw till the head disappears into wood.

Using the same procedure as above, set the next wood strip in place parallel to, and one inch apart from the first one.
Repeat until all remaining wood strips are mounted.
5. Finishing touches
© chadmagiera (Flickr) futon & futon frame for sale @ $125
© chadmagiera (Flickr)

Final word
Sand off the surfaces of the finished futon frame to remove rough spots that were created during the construction.

Finally check that the frame does not wobble because the bolts are not tight enough or that the frame is not warped because the bolts are fitted too tightly.

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