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Matt Willis exposes Scientologists for trying to break up his marriage

Matt Willis joined the Church of Scientologists after being in rehab but he had to leave because they tried to split up his marriage.

The Scientologists defined Matt Willis' wife a "negative force"

During an interview with The Sun, the singer Matt Willis revealed Scientologists tried to break up his marriage to Emma.

Matt Willis’ experience with the Scientologists

He joined the Church of Scientology after a brief period in rehab and the singer defines it a «weird experience» during which a member of the religion told him his partner was “a negative force” in his life.

Matt recalls the conversation: «they were like, “There’s someone in your life who’s actually draining you, who’s a negative force, and it’s normally the person closest to you”».

Matt said he is confident about them trying to force their opinion on him and split up his marriage.

He says he felt like the church was trying to separate him from his family and friends so that he would only rely on them

The singer explains he was really committed to the church at first and would regularly visit the church and read books about the subject, until he realized they were trying to split him from Emma. That’s when he decided to quit the religious movement, but they didn’t let him.

He says they tried to stop him and «rang me every day for a month and they drop into my texts every six months, eight months, out the blue, like, “Hey, Matt, how are you doing?”».

Matt and Emma have been married since 2008 and they have three kids: Isabelle (11), Ace (9) and Trixie (4).

Scientologists’ beliefs

Scientologists are emboldened to “disconnect” from a so-called “suppressive person” (SPs) who is considered an obstacle to spiritual growth. They also believe humans are immortal and each of us has an infinite number of past lives.
The Church also rejects psychiatry for getting in the way of rational thoughts and a rational mind.

Matt Wills is part of a list of celebrities who have dedicated themselves to the Church of Scientology, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Elisabeth Moss.

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