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Heat wave: parks and beaches full, but there’s the risk of the peak

Heat wave in UK: people go to parks and beaches, but there's the risk ok the peak.

Crowd of people

Because of a heat wave, many citizens went to beaches and parks, filling them. Meanwhile, experts are warning of a possible spike in infection.

The heat wave pushes out, but there is a risk of undermining efforts

The heat wave that has been the hottest day of March for over half a century has driven many British citizens to go out and pour into parks and beaches, filling them up like they haven’t been for long.

Even today the temperatures are high, but the citizens, tired of anti-Covid restrictions, have been warned to maintain the safety distances.

The risk, otherwise, is to frustrate all the efforts they have made so far and to risk a new peak of infections.

That’s what Heath’s secretary, Matt Hancock, says via a tweet. People decided to meet and pour into the open spaces after last Monday the government announced that they could meet in groups of up to 6 people. But Dr Hilary Jones of GMB said that a group of 6 is okay, but that can’t guarantee distance from another group. And so you generate a group of 12. He says that he is very concerned about this situation, because it is the meetings of several people that facilitate a greater transmission of the virus.

In Brighton, the festivities lasted until late at night and people even improvised a party with flamethrowers. Huge crowds of people gathered around to watch the “show”. In Nottingham, meanwhile, to avoid gatherings, the leader of the local council announced the ban on drinking alcohol in public places. Steve Cooper, an assistant to the Nottinghamshire police, has stated that the events of yesterday are unacceptable. That’s why the police will monitor more and ensure greater dispersion. READ MORE:

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