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Starting the administration of the Moderna vaccine in England

Starting, from today on, the administration of Moderna vaccine in Great Britain.

Moderna vaccine in England

From today starts in England the administration of the Moderna vaccine. This represents a great step towards freedom, after the reopening of yesterday.

Administration of Moderna vaccine from today on

Moderna is the third vaccine approved in Britain, after that of Pfizer-BioNtech and Astrazeneca.

More than 20 sites will be running the vaccine, including the Sheffield Arena and the Madejski Stadium in Reading.

The Moderna vaccine is a valid alternative to that of Oxford (AstraZeneca). It is available to all people between 18 and 29 years of age.

In fact, experts advise not to administer doses of AstraZeneca to young people, because of the possible links between vaccine and blood clots or thrombosis. However, at the moment, more than 27 million people have already received the first dose, while more than 6.1 million have already received the second.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health, confirms that the administration of Moderna, already started in Wales last week, is starting today. He also states that many other countries have already used the vaccine and has also fully met all safety and reliability standards. Vaccines, he says, are in any case a lifeline in this period, because they allow the limitation of infections. They have saved more than 10,000 people and can save even more. That’s why the secretary urges those who can do it, to book their own dose to protect themselves.

Among the positive aspects of the Moderna vaccine, there is also the fact that it needs a simple storage. In fact, just keep it in the refrigerator for 30 days at normal temperatures. If instead it has to stay more than a month, it needs -20 O’clock. (and it can last 6 months).

Meanwhile, health teams continue to administer vaccines in over 1600 locations, including churches, mosques, hippodromes and stadiums, but also cinemas and museums, to take advantage of every space.

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