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Covid: David Beckham and Unicef encourage people to get their vaccine

David Beckham and Unicef urged people to get their vaccines for the "World Immunisation Week", both against the Covid and those for other diseases.

Covid David Beckham Unicef
Covid David Beckham Unicef

David Beckham, together with Unicef, wants to encourage people to get their vaccines, both the one against the Covid and those for other diseases. The former footballer also stated that the pandemic has people the fundamental role played by the vaccines.

In a video released for the “World Immunisation Week”, he urged families to vaccinate their children for diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio.

David Beckham and Unicef against Covid and other diseases

The former footballer said that Covid has shown people how much we take for granted vaccinations. Vaccines do save millions of lives every year.

However, many children all over the world still don’t get the routine vaccines against diphtheria, measles and polio. These vaccines can save all of tem them from these deadly diseases.

Other celebrities, such as Olivia Colman, will join Beckham in a series of online conversations about the importance of vaccines.

Henrietta Fore, Unicef executive director, stated that, even though people now just want the Covid vaccine, in order to resume their normal lives, millions of children still can’t have the vaccines that can save them from preventable diseases almost disappeared in the Western cuntries. Something that people should not consider normal.

So, Unicef partners will donate 1 dollar for every social media posts that mentions “Unicef”. Until the end of April, they will give the same sum for every hashtag #VaccinesWork.

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