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Developments on Julia James’ case, the PCSO who died in Kent

Analysis on Ms James' corpse reveal she was killed by severe injuries on her head, now police wants to shed light on the motive.

Police reveals Julia James, the serving police community support officer, whose lifeless body was found in Kent’s woodland, died because of “significant head injuries”.

Ms James left her home to take her dog out for a walk on Tuesday afternoon, but never came back.

The remains of the 53-year-old were found in Akholt Wood, Snowdown, in Dover’s area few hours after her last sighting.

Developments on Julia James’ case, the PCSO who died in Kent

Kent Police has recently disclosed informations about the case.

They found out that Julia James died from “significant head injuries”, but don’t know much more about. Investigations are still ongoing and police is “working very hard” to shed light on what happened. Although hundreds of officers are on the investigation into her death, the motive of the murder remains unknown.

Tim Smith, Kent Police’s deputy chief constable, told BBC Radio Kent: “We’ve got hundreds of officers working on that investigation while we try to establish exactly what happened to Julia, and more importantly who did this to Julia and why,”

“I’m afraid I can’t go into a lot of detail for perhaps very obvious reasons, but it is fair to say there are a number of different lines of inquiry.

“We’re working very hard to identify a motive and we are working very hard to identify who may have committed this.”

Smith added they they don’t have “clear suspects” and can’t even say if the attack was sexually motivated, so the police is “keeping a very open mind about the motive”.

Ms James’ death was initially said “suspicious”, but police forces confirmed on Wednesday afternoon they considered her death as a murder.

Victim’s nephew Karl James describes his aunt as “a lovely person” and said: “Obviously it’s been a real shock. I work away, but my wife is here – heavily pregnant – and with young kids, so she’s on edge at the moment too. “So I’ve come home and just waiting for answers – that’s the worst bit really.”

Anyone who may have seen something unusual or suspicious in the area on Monday and Tuesday is asked to step forward and contact Kent Police on 0800 0514 526.

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