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Off the Galapagos: Darwin’s Arch collapse

Galapagos islands: collapse of Darwin’s Arch. But the causes are natural.

Off the Galapagos: the collapse of Darwins Arch
Darwin’s Arch now

The rock off the Galapagos, known by all as the Darwin’s Arch, has eroded and collapsed, but the causes are entirely natural. This is what the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador has announced.

The collapse of Darwin’s Arch

Currently, of the entire rocky structure, only two stone columns remain, which served as a support.

The rocky mass is situated in the northern part of the archipelago. Its name comes from the famous biologist Darwin and is not casual. He, in fact, studied in the 19th century the rocks on the islands and managed with them to explain the theory of evolution.

In addition to owning these formations, the Galapagos Islands have very rare flora and fauna (but also animals) to track in other parts of the earth. In fact they are part of a biosphere reserve. The islands are located 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador and are 234. There are also rocks and coves and only 4 accommodate about 30,000 people. The entire archipelago, then, is a World Heritage Site.

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