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Biden warns Johnson not to stir up tensions in Northern Ireland

Their first face-to-face meeting is set for Thursday, a day before the start of G7 summit in Cornwall.

Joe Biden warns Boris Johnson about tensions in Northern Ireland

The US President Joe Biden intends to warn Boris Johnson about the tensions caused by Brexit in Northern Ireland. The Brexit will be, in facts, one of the main topics of discussion during the meeting between the two leaders.

Biden warns Johnson not to stir up tensions in Northern Ireland

As the G7 will start on Friday, Mr Biden has begun his first trip abroad, since he took up the position as President of the United States in January. Mr Biden will meet, for the first time in person, the British Prime Minister in Carbis Bay on Thursday. The encounter will take place a day after talks between UK and EU ended in a stalemate.

In this connection, Mr Biden will indeed express his concerns, warning Mr Johnson not to imperil tensions in Northern Ireland. The White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan broached the subject to reporters on board Air Force One. He also told: “President Biden has been crystal clear about his rock-solid belief in the Good Friday Agreement as the foundation for peaceful co-existence in Northern Ireland. Any steps that imperil it or undermine it would not be welcomed by the United States.”

Mr Biden’s concern over the tensions in Northern Ireland are nothing new. As The Times reported, Yael Lempert, the top US diplomat in the UK, issued UK with a demarche – a formal diplomatic reprimand – for “inflaming” tensions.

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