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Genocides of Uncontacted Tribes Are Taking Place in Brazil


There are ongoing genocides of uncontacted tribes in Brazil. By this expression we are referring to indigenous peoples who have no contact with society. Let us find out what is happening and why nobody is talking about it.

The Situation of Uncontacted Tribes in Brazil

The warning comes following the dismissal of Bruno Pereira, head of the Department of Indigenous Affairs, which is responsible for protecting the territories of uncontacted tribes. After this event, several Brazilian experts published a letter expressing their concern. The dismissal would, in fact, have taken place without any reason.

This represents a further step backwards in the policy of protecting indigenous peoples.

More uncontacted tribes live in Brazil than anywhere else on Earth and their survival depends entirely on their land. Experts believe that the sacking of Pereira is a prelude to the entire dismantling of the government’s policy of protecting the land inhabited by the indigenous people, which allows the tribes to survive.

How Government Is Authorizing Actual Genocides

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has been carrying out an attack on the indigenous peoples of Brazil for some time. It is no coincidence that under his government, invasions have increased dramatically. “For decades, Brazil has been leading the way in protecting the lands of uncontacted tribes, recognising that they are the most vulnerable people on the planet,” said Fiona Watson. She is the Director of the Advocacy Department of Survival International, an organisation working to protect the rights of indigenous peoples.

The Bolsonaro-led government has turned the tide by opening up indigenous territories to farmers, gold diggers and lumberjacks. In doing so, it has completely ignored the consequences for the tribes living in the forest. Indeed, Bolsonaro has repeatedly expressed its racist contempt for uncontacted populations. In fact, he declared that he wanted to integrate the indigenous tribes into society, robbing their lands and forcing them into contact with the dominant society. This will annihilate the uncontacted populations.

The signatures of the open letter addressed to the population and government include those of Pereira’s predecessors. In addition to them, also the field workers who lead the expeditions, monitor the territories of the indigenous tribes and drive out the invaders support this cause. Associations like Survival International are fighting alongside indigenous peoples and Brazilian experts to protect Brazilian tribes. According to them, if no one intervenes to protect the indigenous peoples, we will witness genocide before our very eyes.

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