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TikTok filters, how to apply and the most used

The social network TikTok has conquered millions of young people around the world. Let's see how to juggle the filters and the best at the moment.

tiktok filters
tiktok among best news 2020

TikTok, the new global video community, entered among the great news of this 2020, even affecting the upcoming U.S. elections. It has been to make his way through web users thanks to the high number of available filters.

Millions of videos shared every day on the famous chinese’s platform wouldn’t be the same without dozens of filters. They stimulate the creativity of influencers and creators: let’s see how they to apply them and which are the most used.

TikTok filters: how to apply them

Once the app is running, it’s necessary to remember the functionality of TikTok. It allows to make short video clips lasting from 15 to 60 seconds, editable in a few simple moves by changing the playback speed, adding effects or the infamous filters. Therefore, the first thing to do will be to push the sign + site button at the bottom of the screen. It authorizes the social network access to the video camera and microphone of your smartphone.

titotok filter

After choosing the background song for your video and making the movie, it will be time to apply the filters. They can be inserted by clicking on the icon with three circles in the top right corner. In this subsection one can choose between a large number of different filters, or activate the beauty effect by pressing on the magic wand icon. If someone wantas add other embellishments to the video, he can write or stickers on the bottom left of the screen.

Most popular filters of the last months

Among the most popular TikTok filters in this 2020 is worth mentioning the Galaxy Glasses. It will permit to publish videos of wearing fantastic psychedelic John Lennon glasses, but also the Emoji Face. The app will choose randomly to apply an emoji on your face to look sad, happy, angry or in love. On of the most famous is the Piercing filter, with shocking effects if applied to unconscious subjects like the newborn baby in the video that is going around the world.

tiktok filters

In the recent month, the Split Screen filter was also widely used. It divides the frame of your movie in two or more parts, but also images aging effects such as Film Photography and Polaroid TikTok. It gives the impression of the imprint in a film or an image taken with an old Polaroid camera.


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