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Royal enfield

Royal Enfield Indian heritage video

26 April, 2020
The Royal Enfield name started out as a legendary English motorcycle manufacturer, before the enterprising Indian arm of the business carried on the brand after the English part shut up shop in 1971. That made for nearly 100 years of…

Royal Enfield handpainting video

15 April, 2020
We recently reported on how Royal Enfield wants to expand its image and business, and this video shows us some of the craftsmanship that goes into the historic brand in the handpainting of a Royal Enfield fuel tank. It’s a…

Royal Enfield 1000cc Musket under development

13 April, 2020
The Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc in the US is getting a much bigger brother on the market, with a 1000cc Royal Enfield Musket in the making. The V-Twin engine will become more powerful with the crankcase design modified and a…

Motor bike expo Verona

11 April, 2020
Two motorcycle events in Italy are currently, being held, wtih the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, and the Bike Expo Show “next door” in Padua. In Verona you’ll find plenty of famous brands and bikes, including the Aprilia RSV4 R…

Meadow Brook Concours motorcycles

1 April, 2020
Here are some of the vintage bikes that were on display at the Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance. Check out some of the old Triumphs, Nortons and Royal Enfields. There’s even a 1950’s Douglas. For a full gallery, check out Autoblog.

A Motorcycle Adventure in India

30 March, 2020
Found this fantastic video trailer on Indian2wheels.com website and is a must see for anyone who loves adventure on two wheels or just travelling in general.The documentary called One Crazy Ride from Dirt Track Productions is the story of five…

Royal Enfield Bullet 500es pics

26 March, 2020
In a town out west of the range, in the afternoon sunlight of a winter’s day, we came across this lovely Royal Enfield Bullet 500es. The town is one of only 3000 people, and the bike is the transport of…

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 enduro rendering

22 March, 2020
Oberdan Bezzi has created this rendering of a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 enduro model. While he envisages a daily road model, we’d still be interested to see an off-road Royal Enfield. Bezzi’s version would be reliable, providing plenty of mileage,…

Royal Enfield Continental GT lives on

22 March, 2020
The news went a little unnoticed, but the recent 2012 India Auto Expo saw the unveiling of a quite interesting new motorcycle, the Continental GT, by historic brand Royal Enfield. Basically it is the first new motorcycle to come out…

Video: 54 people on a Royal Enfield

17 March, 2020
Squished like sardines in a can, India’s Army motorcycle stunt members set the the new World record for the number of people on a single motorcycle.Fifty-four members of the elite group, the Tornado’s, rode a 500cc Royal Enfield, beating their…