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Vespa accessories

Vespa paper toy template. Pictures

18 April, 2020
After our post on how to make a Vespa toy with paper, we give you this full photo gallery of the process, for anyone who can’t get enough of revival gadgets and culture. The following shows the template of the…

Vespa toys: how to make a Vespa with paper

12 April, 2020
Let’s take a step back in time to the 60’s and take a ride in the seat of a Vespa 150. Or not… this cute toy in British style comes from Paper Replika and is a recreation of a Vespa,…

Aluminium Polini kit for Vespa PX200

28 March, 2020
The world of scooters, and especially the iconic Vespa brand, has plenty of scope for accessories and aftermarket parts - whether purely for style or to create technical upgrades. Polini accessories have always focused on Vespa as their brand of…

Vespa fashion with Adidas sneakers

23 March, 2020
While in Milan it’s traditional for women to wear stilettos when riding a Vespa, if you want something more casual (and perhaps appropriate to the situation) then Adidas have the answer.The suede sneakers include the traditional Adidas three stripe look,…

Vespa store opens in Milan

21 March, 2020
Vespa has opened a store in Milan with a new space dedicated to Vespa history, fashion and design. The store celebrates the Vespa brand as one of the key ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” movement. The space is located…

GIVI accessories for the Vespa S 50cc and 125cc

18 March, 2020
GIVI continues its product line with Vespa accessories for the Vespa S. The range includes windshield, chrome bag carrier and tinted top case. The windshield has dimensions of 600 by 690mm, and is available in either the transparent version or…