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Caravaggio and Guercino on display at Le stanze del cardinale exhibition

The old hamlet of Caldarola in the Marche region is hosting an amazing exhibition called Le stanze del Cardinale or The Cardinal’s room and dedicated to Cardinal Pallotta’s love for art.
But the big news is that four other major paintings from the 17th century have just been added to the works already on display at the palazzo Pallotta.

Here’s the complete list: a beautiful fresco by Guercino depicting Damon and Pythias (originally painted for the famous Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome), a really amazing painting by Caravaggio which shows Saint Francis in meditation (usually on display in the city of Cremona) and last but not least two works by Simone Cantarini, also known as The Pesarese, and on loan from the Pinacoteca of Bologna.

The exhibition has been organised by Vittorio Sgarbi

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