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Collapse of the skytrain bridge in Mexico

The collapse of the Skytrain bridge in Mexico: the victims are at least 20. The event occurred in the south of the capital, on line 12 of the metro, near the Olivos station. There are about 49 people in the hospital.

The collapse of the Skytrain bridge

On the night of Monday 3 to Tuesday 4 May, there was a terrible accident near the Olivos station. A Skytrain bridge collapsed, causing the death of about twenty people. In addition, other people are now in hospitals receiving treatment for the injuries and trauma they have suffered. Firefighters and rescue workers immediately went to the scene to help the injured. The area was cordoned off for security reasons by the police and army.

There are many videos and shocking images of the injured people and the first aid workers on the front line helping them. They are working to free people from cables, metal and rubble.


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