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Urban Luisa Rolling became Newz.com, the new Contents Media editorial project

Urban Rolling Magazine has turned into Newz magazine. Editorial and digital forces to turn Newz.com into the most influential brand for the Z Generation.


The popular magazine Urban Luisa Rolling has changed and evolved. It is about moving forward, renewing itself, changing, again and again, to be closer to the demand and your needs for information. Urban Luisa Rolling Magazine became some time ago Newz.com.

Uniting editorial and digital forces to turn Newz.com into the most influential brand for the Z Generation. Always more news, dedicated one hundred percent to the Z generation.

Urban Luisa Rolling has turned into Newz.com by Contents Media

The launch of Newz magazine was born out of ambition and evidence. The ambition to address the target millennials with a new editorial proposal free and uncomplexed. This new magazine is very innovative in its market and strategic for Celebrity, Music, TV Series. Going from the more serious and in-depth technical topics to the more scandalous and crispy ones.

Newz.com is published by Contents Media, the international digital publisher with numerous other magazines such as Notizie. it, offers news in real-time, unpublished stories, stories from Italy and the world, insights on politics, curiosities on the great protagonists of sport and entertainment for a million readers a day. Newshub.co.uk updates its audience on major political events, technological innovation, and best suggestions in the culinary and wellness fields.

Think.it that is a look at the future, a new way of telling the changing world, innovations and its main characters: accompanying readers to discover the novelties that will revolutionize the lifestyles and the ways of working are the purpose. The ultimate one, Infos.fr that provides the latest news in real-time to a wide audience, from politics to technological innovations, health and culinary tips, entertainment, and much more.

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