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5 Reasons Why Readings Books Makes Us Better People

2 February, 2020
We have known since we were children that readings books is important. It teaches us to write well, opens our minds, enriches our culture. But there is much more than that. In fact, it also allows us to develop empathy and…

Microsoft Office 2019: what’s new?

1 February, 2020
If you are thinking about buying the new Microsoft Office 2019, catch yourself up with the array of new features and improvements that this years edition has to offer.

Aboriginal People Are the Oldest People on Earth, Scientists Say

31 January, 2020
They inhabited Australia continuously for 40,000 years. According to a new study, the Aboriginal people are the oldest unbroken civilization on Earth. The study, in fact, shows evidence of a single colonization event in Australia, and a continuity of occupation…

Apple vs Microsoft: a fierce rivalry

31 January, 2020
Apple VS Microsoft: sometimes they collaborate together and sometimes they compete. Is the relationship between the two giants ever going to come to an end?

3 Matriarchal Societies in the World Where Women Are in Charge

30 January, 2020
There are over one hundred matriarchal societies in the world, the most important of which are in Indonesia (Minangkabau), Mexico (Juchitàn) and China (Moos). Their pacifist structure is of great teaching to Westerners, because it teaches us how to organize…

In This Garbage Cafe in India You Can Get Food for Garbage

30 January, 2020
Eating a big meal for a pound of plastic. This is possible in India, where the first ‘Garbage Cafe’ has opened. Here people can receive free food in exchange for garbage. This initiative is part of a wider door-to-door waste…

Mankai or Water Lentil – The New Superfood That Could Replace Meat

28 January, 2020
Consumption of animal-based food raises several issues, such as the environmental impact of intensive farming. This is why we need vegetarian substitues to meat, just like mankai. Native to Southeast Asia, it is a protein-rich plant that also contains amino acids,…

What Is Citric Acid and How You Can Use It at Home

26 January, 2020
Citric acid is as useful as it is little known. For example, have you ever tried to use it to degrease and clean bathroom fixtures or kitchen utensils? This compound, found in all citrus fruits, is an excellent natural cleaning…

Why Artemisia Gentileschi Is the Bravest Painter in History

22 January, 2020
Painter, wife, mother, lover and great warrior. Artemisia Gentileschi is an icon symbol of feminism. In fact, she was one of the first women to rebel against rape bringing her rapist to court, although at that time this was considered…

Humboldt, The Romantic Scientist Who Foretold Climate Change

20 January, 2020
He was a German naturalist, explorer, geographer and botanist. But above all, he was the pioneering scientist who for the first time observed, documented and analysed climate change over two hundred years ago. We are talking about Alexander von Humboldt.…