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Death Penalties in the World: How Is the Situation Today?

8 January, 2020
In recent years there has been a reversal of death penalties. According to Amnesty International's latest global report on the death penalty, 2018 saw the lowest level of executions in the last decade. In fact, there was an overall decrease…

North Korean Women Are Sold As Sex Slaves in China

7 January, 2020
They're running away from a terrible situation. However, they are unaware that they will soon end up the victims of another nightmare. Thousands of North Korean women, very young and often underage, are sold as sex slaves in China. Forced…

How to Reuse Christmas Decors After The Holidays

5 January, 2020
The Christmas holidays have come to an end. The time has come to unpack the Christmas tree and the decorations with which we decorated the house during the holidays. But it's not just a question of carefully storing in boxes…

Children’s Rights in the World: Are They Always Guaranteed?

3 January, 2020
Wars, terrorism, economic crisis and unemployment are depriving millions of people of the right to a stable and dignified life. Unfortunately, it is not only adults who suffer the consequences, but also children's rights. We must remember that the youngest…

3 Unique Moments That Have Marked the History of Music

31 December, 2019
There are events that are milestones in our history. And this applies to many fields, including the history of music. Here in fact the marriage with pop culture has allowed exoduses and mass events that have marked the path of…

Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils

31 December, 2019
Every time you smell the petal of a flower, walk through a pine forest, peel a citrus fruit, touch the leaf of a medicinal herb or use a spice, you smell a scent. These are the essential oils inside the…

Violence Against Muslim Minority in Sri Lanka Is on the Rise

30 December, 2019
After the Easter terrorist massacres in April 2019, which killed over 250 innocent people in Sri Lanka, silence has returned on the Asian country. The violence, however, has not stopped. This time it is the Muslim minority that is under…

Igbo in Biafra Still Dream of Independence from Nigeria

29 December, 2019
There are many requests for international protection made by migrants who are activists of the Nigerian separatist movement Igbo. They come from the south-eastern part of Nigeria and, in many cases, suffer discrimination and persecution by the federal government. Their…

Doing Laundry without Polluting Is Possible with These Tips

28 December, 2019
Doing laundry while respecting the environment is possible. There are in fact many tricks to save energy, water, detergent and plastic when using the washing machine. Let's discover them together. Laundry Tips: Choose Your Detergent Wisely To make an ecological…

Digital Welfare: Can Technology Threaten Human Rights?

28 December, 2019
The technology and its application for building a digital welfare state has often been presented as a neutral tool. Its aim would be to improve access to social benefits, standardise access criteria, speed up practices and ensure efficiency for governments.…

Child Labour: Zanzibar Is the Island of Slave Children

26 December, 2019
130,000 Tanzanian children live as slaves in the homes of the rich in Zanzibar. It's one of the most serious plagues and at the same time one of the most understated problems in Tanzania. In short, this involves child labour and…
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