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Five tips to cut your waste

21 May, 2020
© timtak (Flickr) Recycling 7 © timtak (Flickr) Use reusableEvery year, hundreds of millions of spent batteries find their way into landfill where they can leach toxic chemicals into the ground. There is a simple solution: use rechargeable batteries. It's…

How to make an eco-friendly, recycled bird nest box

21 May, 2020
© A. Drauglis Furnituremaker (Flickr) Tree Swallow © A. Drauglis Furnituremaker (Flickr) If you love the sound of bird song and would like to encourage more birds into your garden in an eco-friendly way, why not have a go at…

An overview of recycling

21 May, 2020
© epSos.de (Flickr) Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers © epSos.de (Flickr) As the earth becomes more populated and in waste subsequently increases, recycling is becoming more important across the globe. Each person is individually responsible for contributing to a cleaner…

The future of our food

21 May, 2020
© eamoncurry123 (Flickr) Mackworth water tower from Lower Vicarwood Farm, Quarndon/Mackworth, D © eamoncurry123 (Flickr) One of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. According to the organisation’s 2010 report: “Progress to end hunger has…

How to open an XBox 360 case

21 May, 2020
© WikiMedia (Wikimedia) 1 The Xbox console with the S controller, made by Microsoft. Date 2 © WikiMedia (Wikimedia) Before you remove the case, there are some tools that are required: Insulated screw grabber (comes with most PC repair kits)…

How to play games on facebook

21 May, 2020
Farmville Addiction © Sarah_Ackerman (Flickr) Accessing the games dashboardWhen you first log in to Facebook, you will see the dashboard which should already be familiar to you. This contains a list of all of the status updates, links, and photos…

Gaming in 3d is nothing short of amazing

21 May, 2020
© game 3D game 3D © game 3D Technology today is ever changing, fast evolving and perennially growing. From the days of PlayStation 1 (PS1) to PS 3 today gaming has come a long way.Imagine sitting with your console swaying…

How to spam online

21 May, 2020
Spam is a form of online advertising that consists in sending the same message numerous times to a large number of people.

A guide to UK web hosting

21 May, 2020
The choice about web hosting relies on the necessity you have. Here you can find a guide for the world in the UK web hosting.

The Most Popular Fake News About Climate Change

26 February, 2020
Denialists have always been there, ever since we started talking about global warming. Yet the reality is now before everyone's eyes, amid increasingly extreme natural events, crop losses, endangered animals and the many other effects of climate change. However, influential people…

Katherine Johnson, the Scientist Who Took Man to the Moon

25 February, 2020
It wasn’t easy being a career woman in 1950s America. Moreover, being African-American made things even harder. Yet Katherine Johnson, who fell into both categories, not only made it. In fact, she also managed to leave an indelible mark on…

5 Ecologically Friendly Products That Are Not That ‘Green’

24 February, 2020
Is paying attention to the environment by choosing ecologically friendly products your philosophy of life? Good, but sometimes even with the best intentions you can be wrong. In fact, there are many things that many people believe are ecological but…

‘Huh’ and Other Universal Words That Need No Translation

24 February, 2020
Some words, passing from one language to another, take on completely different expressions. Some of them are almost untranslatable. On the contrary, other words almost need no translation, because they sound strangely similar everywhere. Just like “huh”, “coffee” and “ok”.…

Feeling Tired All The Time? Here Are Some Natural Remedies

23 February, 2020
There are several natural remedies that can give more energy, both physical and mental. Among them are the foods we bring to the table. Nutritious, low in fat and calories, they stimulate the metabolism, improve the mood and recharge the…

3 Smart Inventions That Come From the Great Depression

22 February, 2020
Necessity is the mother of inventions. This is also what happened during the Great Depression. It was one of the worst financial crises in modern history, after the collapse of Wall Street in 1929. At that time there were the…

Turn Old Jeans into Something New with These Ideas

22 February, 2020
Reducing our ecological footprint also involves reducing waste and recycling. For example, if you’re renovating your wardrobe, don’t throw away the clothes you no longer use. Old jeans in particular are perfect for recycling. Jeans are very durable and versatile, so…

How Some Remote Populations Have Incredible Superpowers

21 February, 2020
Some people have abilities that resemble the superpowers of comic book or science fiction movie characters. Instead, they are widespread in remote populations, as a result of adaptation and the secular work of some geniuses. Moreover, by studying these secret…

Savings Tips That Do Not Actually Save You Money

21 February, 2020
One of the most common objections to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle is that it is too expensive. In reality, reducing environmental impact and saving often goes hand in hand. However, people often engage in behavior that they believe they are…
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