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‘They Never Said That’: 4 Wrong Quotes from Famous People

8 February, 2020
The web often attributes aphorisms or smart jokes to certain personalities – whether they are celebrities or scientists. However, are they really the authors of these sentences? For example, are you sure Woody Allen really said “God is dead. Marx…

A brief history of bitcoin: the currency of the future?

7 February, 2020
To some, Bitcoin is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. To others, it’s a tool to revolutionize the economic system. The history of bitcoin has been rocky since its conception and its value as a currency is still up for debate.…

Reuse Soap Leftovers Thanks to These 4 Original Ideas

6 February, 2020
In the shower, on the edge of the bathtub, near the sink, in the kitchen. Soap leftovers accumulate everywhere in our homes and we often don’t know what to do with them. Why throw them away? We can instead use them…

When Did Slavery Start in America? An Historical Reconstruction

6 February, 2020
The first Africans who arrived by sea in the future United States were not slaves, but contract servants: that landing, however, laid the foundations of the American slave society. In fact, once the masters understood that it was more advantageous…

What Are the Foods with the Highest Environmental Impacts?

5 February, 2020
Our food choices are one of the most effective ways of supporting the environment. But what are the foods with the highest environmental impacts? Generally speaking, if we buy organic and local food, we are already helping the planet. However,…

Here Are Some Facts You May Not Know about the World Population

4 February, 2020
The People Reference Boureau (PRB) estimated that 108 billion people had lived on Earth by 2011. So the people currently living would be “only” 6.8% of all humanity. What other curiosities are there about the world population? Let’s find out…

How Lavender Essential Oils May Be a Great Ally for Your Body

4 February, 2020
From medicine to cosmetics to modern aromatherapy. Over the centuries, people have always exploited the healthy potential of lavender essential oil. This plant, in fact, does not irritate the skin and has a great calming and relaxing power. It is…

5 Ancient Civilizations That Have Mysteriously Disappeared

3 February, 2020
Annihilated by hunger, conquered by enemies, wiped out by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Much more often, in reality, they have vanished without a clue. We are talking about some great ancient civilizations, which we know existed but we do not…

Do Not Throw Corks Away – Recycle Them Creatively

3 February, 2020
Cork is a natural and biodegradable material, which is suitable for many uses, so it is a shame to throw it away. In fact, a little glue and a few corks are enough to create beautiful and useful objects for…

5 Reasons Why Readings Books Makes Us Better People

2 February, 2020
We have known since we were children that readings books is important. It teaches us to write well, opens our minds, enriches our culture. But there is much more than that. In fact, it also allows us to develop empathy and…

Microsoft Office 2019: what’s new?

1 February, 2020
If you are thinking about buying the new Microsoft Office 2019, catch yourself up with the array of new features and improvements that this years edition has to offer.

Aboriginal People Are the Oldest People on Earth, Scientists Say

31 January, 2020
They inhabited Australia continuously for 40,000 years. According to a new study, the Aboriginal people are the oldest unbroken civilization on Earth. The study, in fact, shows evidence of a single colonization event in Australia, and a continuity of occupation…

Apple vs Microsoft: a fierce rivalry

31 January, 2020
Apple VS Microsoft: sometimes they collaborate together and sometimes they compete. Is the relationship between the two giants ever going to come to an end?

3 Matriarchal Societies in the World Where Women Are in Charge

30 January, 2020
There are over one hundred matriarchal societies in the world, the most important of which are in Indonesia (Minangkabau), Mexico (Juchitàn) and China (Moos). Their pacifist structure is of great teaching to Westerners, because it teaches us how to organize…

In This Garbage Cafe in India You Can Get Food for Garbage

30 January, 2020
Eating a big meal for a pound of plastic. This is possible in India, where the first ‘Garbage Cafe’ has opened. Here people can receive free food in exchange for garbage. This initiative is part of a wider door-to-door waste…

Mankai or Water Lentil – The New Superfood That Could Replace Meat

28 January, 2020
Consumption of animal-based food raises several issues, such as the environmental impact of intensive farming. This is why we need vegetarian substitues to meat, just like mankai. Native to Southeast Asia, it is a protein-rich plant that also contains amino acids,…
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