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Natural Fabric Softener – Vinegar, Baking Soda or Citric Acid?

15 January, 2020
Does natural fabric softener really exist? In recent years people have started using fabric softeners for laundry more consciously. In fact, many people have been looking for alternatives that do not have a negative impact on the environment. But above…

Genocides of Uncontacted Tribes Are Taking Place in Brazil

13 January, 2020
There are ongoing genocides of uncontacted tribes in Brazil. By this expression we are referring to indigenous peoples who have no contact with society. Let us find out what is happening and why nobody is talking about it. The Situation…

Death Penalties in the World: How Is the Situation Today?

8 January, 2020
In recent years there has been a reversal of death penalties. According to Amnesty International's latest global report on the death penalty, 2018 saw the lowest level of executions in the last decade. In fact, there was an overall decrease…

North Korean Women Are Sold As Sex Slaves in China

7 January, 2020
They're running away from a terrible situation. However, they are unaware that they will soon end up the victims of another nightmare. Thousands of North Korean women, very young and often underage, are sold as sex slaves in China. Forced…

How to Reuse Christmas Decors After The Holidays

5 January, 2020
The Christmas holidays have come to an end. The time has come to unpack the Christmas tree and the decorations with which we decorated the house during the holidays. But it's not just a question of carefully storing in boxes…

Children’s Rights in the World: Are They Always Guaranteed?

3 January, 2020
Wars, terrorism, economic crisis and unemployment are depriving millions of people of the right to a stable and dignified life. Unfortunately, it is not only adults who suffer the consequences, but also children's rights. We must remember that the youngest…