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Buying on eBay: a practical guide

19 February, 2020
Buying on ebay can produce incredible results, from finding rare collectible items to getting the very best deals: here’s a buyer’s guide.

Four Border Wars Around the World That Nobody Talks About

19 February, 2020
We call them border wars. They are the conflicts between nations, large and small, that take place close to an unshared border. Fortunately, not all border wars result in armed conflict, as they did at the time of the Falkland…

Watch What You Eat: 5 Ingredients Harmful to Your Health

18 February, 2020
We should always consume fresh, home-cooked food. However, we often prefer packaged products for convenience or for a short time. Industrial food labels, however, often have a long list of ingredients, most of which are incomprehensible to non-experts. What we know, however,…

The Consequences of Gender Selection in the World

16 February, 2020
Although we are in the 21st century, gender selection is still a major problem. Gender-selective abortions performed in recent decades have caused an unexpected distortion in the ratio of males to females. Statistically, every 100 newborn babies are born 103-107…

Green Technology: 5 Hi-Tech Gadgets That Respect the Environment

16 February, 2020
Considering the amount of electronic waste we produce, we need to implement green technology. The hi-tech field needs to renew itself and find greener solutions. Someone actually has already tried to combine technology and respect for the environment. As a…

7 Units of Measures That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

15 February, 2020
When in Rome, take your units of measures. It is already difficult to convert from feet to meters or from pounds to kilograms, which is essential to move in European countries. Things get even more hard if we think that…

Best Household Plants to Grow to Purify the Air at Home

15 February, 2020
Most people would never say that, yet the substances most dangerous to health are inside our homes. How can we avoid contact with indoor sources of pollution? As well as being careful when buying furniture, preferring eco-friendly detergents and natural…

Valentine Day Origin: Why Do We Celebrate It Today?

14 February, 2020
The pagan origins of Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers, were wild and uninhibited. The highlight of the feast was when the matrons let themselves be whipped by a group of naked young men. Then came a pope who christianized…

Conspiracy Theories Were Born Sooner Than You Thought

13 February, 2020
A The history of conspiracy is ancient. The moment when the “conspiracy theories” became an explicit and conscious political method to justify political actions was the French Revolution (1789) and the following years. It was the so-called period of Terror.…

Simple DIY Projects to Perfume Your Home in a Natural Way

12 February, 2020
Having a scented home can help you create a unique atmosphere. However, you don’t have to resort to industrial environment perfumers, which often contain chemicals that are both polluting and harmful to health. Fortunately, it is possible to perfume your…

Is my smart speaker spying on me?

12 February, 2020
People have grown increasingly comfortable with technology all around them. Smart speakers are now commonplace in millions of homes – are they spying on us?

How This Peruvian People Avoided the War by Drinking Beer

12 February, 2020
A border town of the pre-Incan Huari empire woven diplomatic relations with neighboring peoples by organizing festivals based on chicha, a fermented beverage made from local berries. Alcohol production could continue unaltered during periods of drought and economic crisis.

3 Toxic Substances That You Can Find Inside Your House

11 February, 2020
Every day we use products that are dangerous to our health at home, perhaps without knowing it. Among the most toxic substances to which we are exposed on a daily basis are certainly chemical detergents, ammonia and pesticides. The greatest…

What Kind of Fossils Will We Humans Leave Behind?

10 February, 2020
We are all going to die, and that is for sure. But who will remember us, and how? We are not talking about our children and grandchildren, but something more long-term. What fossils will we leave on Earth as a…

Online Shopping? Then Pay Attention to These Dangerous Items

10 February, 2020
Shopping online is convenient. In fact, it allows you to shop without moving from home, avoiding trips around the city and crowded shops. Moreover, you can often find great deals online. However, we must pay attention to what we buy,…
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