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Test ride Vespa GTS 125 Super

26 March, 2020
We had a test run a few days ago at the Vespa Day Milan of the new Vespa GTS 125 Super. One of our colleagues, back in the good old days, had a magnificant Vespa P200E from 1979, and he…

New Vespa GTV "Via Montenapoleone"

23 March, 2020
The new Vespa GTV “Via Montenapoleone” has been presented at the EICMA show, featuring an elegant Vespa GTV with the top range 300 cc Vespa engine. The “Via Montenapoleone” is an elegant scooter, and as such is named after Milan’s…

Pic of the day: Vespa 250cc twin cylinder

23 March, 2020
We thank Marcello and our colleagues at Motoblog for these shots of the Vespa twin cylinder 250cc, which we had to show you in our photo of the day category. If anyone recognises the engine, lest us know. It’s curious…

1963 vintage Vespa pics

23 March, 2020
Here are some shots I took of an old Vespa, which was on the bench in the entrance to a restaurant where we had dinner on the weekend. The Vespa features two separate saddles for the rider and passenger, along…

Test ride of the Vespa LX 50 4Valvole

21 March, 2020
When we took a test ride of the Vespa GTS 125 Super, we also had the chance to take the Vespa LX 50 4Valvolve out for a spin, and while the difference in the two is notable, the LX 50…

Piaggio Vespa GTS 300 Super – details and pics

21 March, 2020
As we had anticipated the new Vespa GTS 300 Super has been revealed and in addition to our little test run, below are some of the official details and photos. “A Vespa is a Vespa” - a timeless definition and…

Vespa chariot

20 March, 2020
What do you get when you cross a Roman chariot with a Vespa? This Vespa chariot livery. Up close this funny motorcycle pic looks more like a Roman-medieval mix but the only thing missing for us is a little extra…

Guardian: Steampunk Vespa by Pulsar Projects

20 March, 2020
A very basic and rather incomplete definition of steampunk is: 1. a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period…

Vespa Wheeling Show Italian style

20 March, 2020
The tip we got for this video reads “this is the presentation of what’s possible with a Vespa in 100% Italian style”. And really, for this Vespa freestyle video, we can say no more.

Vespa World Days a success for Vespa clubs and fans

15 March, 2020
Here are a few shots from the Vespa World Days 2009 event that took place in Zell Am See, Austria, earlier this month. The event was a success again this year, for the third time, with more than 3,000 Vespa…

Your photos: riding a Vespa in the snow

14 March, 2020
These funny photos come from the guys at the Vespa Club Pavia. This Italian Vespa club seems very dedicated to get out for some fun in the snow with a smile on their face when riding in the cold. This…