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British tourists in France since 9 June

British tourists can go to France from 9 June.

British tourists can go to France in the summer
Summer in France for British tourists

British tourists will be able to travel to France from 9 June. Rumors still say this is only possible if they have already submitted to the vaccine or have carried out a negative test.

British tourists soon in France

France joins Spain and Portugal in welcoming British people this summer.

This would help to increase tourism and not bring down the economy further, but it is essential to remain cautious. Accordingly there will also be vaccine passports in France.

A new phase will begin in France from next Monday, but from mid-May the terraces of the restaurants will reopen.

For social measures, citizens will have to wait until 30 June. The country will only reopen nine days after the UK. However, in France, infection rates and admissions for Covid-19 are indeed higher than in the UK. This also for the fewest doses of vaccine administered.

In the meantime, Manuel Lubo Antunes, Portugal’s ambassador, is hopeful British tourists will be able to visit the country by mid-May. He also stated that they then intended to admit tourists who have not completed the vaccine with both doses.
The hope is Portugal will therefore be included in the list of green countries within the traffic light system.

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