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Prince Harry attends Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert

Prince Harry participated in the Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert with other famous stars like Selena Gomez and J-Lo.

Harry and the Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert
Prince Harry

Prince Harry attends Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert, joining J-Lo and Selena Gomez. He gave a speech at the charity event and received a standing ovation and many compliments. He has also honoured health workers for their efforts and their work.

Prince Harry at the Global Citizen’s Vax concert

That was the first Harry’s public appearance since Prince Philip’s funeral a few weeks ago. He attended this event along with international stars such as Selena Gomez and J-Lo, but his wife Meghan decided to stay home because she’s pregnant.

Harry exposed himself with a speech in public, talking about vaccines and urging to distribute them everywhere. He also thanked very warmly all the front-line operators who have in every way cared for people since Covid-19. This event, in fact, was born to promote the vaccination campaign around the world.

The concert will be broadcast next Saturday. Among the many famous guests we mention Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, J Balvin, HER, as well as Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to this event, there was a fundraiser for donations to Covax, in order to provide vaccines to low-income and troubled countries. Joe Biden and his wife also made social appearances from the White House. In this way they wanted to raise awareness among the population about anti-Covid measures.

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