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BP cut debt to $35 billion a year ahead

6 April, 2021
Disposals and oil price increase got BP’s debt load from $38.9 billion down to $35 billion in three months, CEO Bernard Looney is reporting on figures and share buybacks on April 27.

UK exports to the European Union drop nearly 41% in January

12 March, 2021
UK exports to the European Union dropped by almost 41% in January as the Brexit transition period commenced, official statistics revealed today. UK exports to EU tumble UK exports to the EU decreased by £5.6 billion in January according to…

How GameStop became the centre of a Wall Street war

29 January, 2021
GameStop stock prices have soared over the last few days due to followers of the subreddit r/WallStreetBets challenging the financial establishment trying to short the stock. GameStop stock prices rise significantly 49-year-old Erik Riggiola who lost his job as an…