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Aligi Deganello is Max Biaggi's new crewchief

Aligi Deganello was the late Marco Simoncelli’s crewchief from 2007 and Simoncelli had insisted bringing his beloved crewchief and 250cc pit crew into MotoGP after winning the 250cc title despite Fausto Gresini’s doubts regarding the team’s complete inexperience in setting up a MotoGP bike, now Deganello has decided after much pondering to give up the GP paddock and become Max Biaggi’s new crew chief in World Superbikes, after the defection of Giovanni Sandi and Enrico Folegnani’s refusal.

For Deganello is wasn’t an easy decision to make, but he needed the change as he said in an interview with Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, “I spoke with Max, he seemed particularly betrayed by the man he thought was almost like a father.

He has a huge desire for re-win the championship and at this point this will be my mission, to give him the tools to win races and maybe even the title.
The team is made up of two guys who were with Camier, one from inside Aprilia’s development team and the other is a telemetrist.

Immediately after the holidays we’re going to Aprilia to put together the bikes and then to Australia for the last tests ahead of the start of the championship season.
I’m may lose sight of some old friends and I’m sorry, but I need this radical change.
“It was Paolo Simoncelli, Marco’s father who recommended that Deganello make the move: “Before going to Noale to hear what they had to offer me, I called Paolo Simoncelli, my “manager.
” Basically we talk almost every day and he told me to accept the offer by saying – See, it’s a signal that Marco is sending you, the situation is almost impossible to imagine, with Sandi leaving.
Go .
and see if there’s also a job for me – I don’t think this will happen.
For me Paolo should work with the Federation, with kids in the minibike championship or for promotional championships, with his experience he’d be the perfect person.
“This is not a way to forget Marco, that’s impossible.
I keep seeing things that bring him to mind and that’s the principal reason that I’m leaving even if I planned to stay in MotoGP to help Michele Pirro in Gresini’s CRT team.
Staying in the same environment, seeing the same people, but with a different rider from Marco, that seemed strange and I really felt uncomfortable.
“From a smiling, happy-go-lucky SuperSic to the dour and difficult Roman Emperor, it won’t be easy adjustment for Deganello.

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