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Boris Johnson faces Cabinet revolt due to Dominic Cummings breach the lockdown

PM Boris Johnson has faced a Cabinet revolt as Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules.

Dominic Cummings breach lockdown rules
Dominic Cummings breach lockdown rules

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s top aide, breach lockdown rules. He is accused of ignoring the government’s harsh advice by taking his wife, formerly positive to Covid, from London to his family farm near Durham to isolate herself. So Boris Johnson faced a Cabinet revolt over Dominic Cummings last night.

Dominic Cummings breach lockdown

Cummings spent five hours holed up at No 10. There has been a lot of speculation that he was going out. Then Mr. Johnson came to announce to the nation that Cumming was only in the interests of his four-year-old son, he was just trying to protect him. He also dismissed growing calls for an official investigation.

Boris Johnson claimed that his most senior adviser of any wrongdoing and branded his actions “sensible and defensible”. The PM also added: “He followed the instinct of every father and every parent, and I do not mark him down for that.”

There is no doubt that some Cabinet ministers, who are aligning with Tory MPs to demand that Mr. Cummings is dismissed. One minister said: “Cummings is going to burn us all. He cannot stay.” Many people gathered under his house in London to demonstrate and protest against what he did. Led By Donkeys activists sent a van with a video message accusing the aide and the PM. Then the cops repelled the crowd at 2.50 pm and knocked on the door, but no answer.

Cummings himself admits he made a 260-mile trip to County Durham last month after his wife Mary showed symptoms of Covid-19. The British Prime Minister did not answer a question about whether he had known about Mr. Cummings’ trip or whether he had sanctioned it. He also dismissed questions about whether ordinary Britons could leave their main residence to go elsewhere if they had concerns about childcare, as in the case of Cummings

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