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How to Avoid Food Waste on Christmas and New Year’s Eve

food waste

Food waste is directly linked to global warming. The way our food is produced is responsible for 21% of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. For this reason, throwing away something without eating it is a double loss. On one hand, we waste all the resources used in production, and on the other, we waste food that we could give to people who cannot afford a full meal.

Food waste is therefore a major problem. Every year, in fact, we all throw away lots of food for several of reasons. There are, for example, those who have bought too much food and have not been able to use it all.

Other people instead throw it away because it has expired, or because they are about to go on holiday but still have a full fridge.

You will understand then why during the holidays is better to try not to throw anything away. In fact, we pollute the environment even if it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve. So, here are a few practical tips for a great meal without waste.

Food Waste Zero: Do Not Buy More than Necessary

It’s a holiday meal, but that doesn’t mean that you have to prepare every recipe that comes to mind or that you have to get large quantities of food. Before you go shopping, do the math: how many people will be there? And how many will each of them eat?

Cook with Local Ingredients

When thinking about which dishes to cook, start with ingredients from your area. They will taste better, they will be probably cheaper, and won’t have been transported by any truck that pollutes the environment.

Allow Your Guests to Serve the Food Themselves and Freeze the Leftovers

Each of your guests will know how hungry they are and consequently how much they are going to eat. As a result, leftovers will only remain on the trays and can be reused. This way, you can also freeze any leftovers without the risk of contamination. So you’ll have your lunch ready for the next few days and less shopping to do.

Fight Food Waste By Sharing and Swapping

A new practice that is spreading more and more through apps or word of mouth is food exchanging. It means that if you realise you’ve gone too far shopping, you can exchange food with your neighbour or friend who has made the same mistake. Or you can choose to donate it to an association that provides meals for the poorest people. Either way, there are many useful alternatives to the garbage can.

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