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December Blooms – 6 Plants That Are not Afraid of the Cold

december blooms

Some people think that with winter nature goes into hibernation, depriving the world of the colours of flowers and plants. But some plant species continue to bloom even at low temperatures. In fact, there are many plants that can colour gardens and balconies.

Here are the six most beautiful and cold-resistant species that have December blooms.

December Blooms: Snowdrop and Cyclamen

Snowdrops (scientific name, galanthus nivalis) begin to bloom in February. Due to climate change, they start to appear earlier and earlier, from January until mid-March.

Also known as “morning stars”, they have the shape of a bellflower, made up of three small petals, usually milk-white in colour. They can bear temperatures even below 14°F.

Cyclamens are the undisputed king of winter gardens and balconies. They resists well to the cold, but they can bloom and live well also as indoor plants, provided the temperature does not exceed 64 degrees. To get the best out of their bulbs, cyclamens need a soil composed of leaves, sand and peat. These plants bloom from September to spring.

Pansy and Winter Jasmine

Pansies (scientific name, Viola tricolor) bloom from the end of September until spring. Famous for their colourful petals, they give gardens and balconies flashes of white, pink and lilac. Pansies love the sun and resist low temperatures well, but the strong frost could ruin them. As the winter peak approaches, it is advisable to cover them with a breathable thermal cloth, in order to protect their roots.

Winter jasmines (scientific name, Jasminum) begin to bloom when they are completely bare of leaves. The first buds will therefore begin to open in January. However, if you want to put winter jasmines on your balcony, you should plant them in September. It is a variety that is very resistant to the cold, but prefers the sun. The flowers are a beautiful deep yellow.

Chrysanthemums and Hellebore

Chrysanthemums are perfect for decorating winter balconies. The corolla can have different colours – from lilac to yellow and pink. They bloom between the end of October and the beginning of November, resist the cold, but then go into a vegetative rest that ends in March. They give their best on a soil with good drainage, created with sandy and light soil.

Also known as Christmas Rose, hellebore is a balcony plant. Its white flowers peep out in December, even though there is snow, little sun and low temperatures. The peak of flowering coincides with the Christmas days and lasts until spring. However, even though it is aesthetically beautiful, it can give off an unpleasant smell.

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