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The Best Festivals in the World That Celebrate Animals

Best Festivals in the World

Throughout the year, fortunately, there are many festivals that allow us to relax and celebrate welcome events. Well, if you didn’t know, pets also have their own holidays. In fact, there are a lot of events and holidays for dogs and cats.

So let’s discover together the best festivals in the world that celebrate animals.

Best Festivals in the World for Animals: Kukur Tihar, Nepal

The first example is the celebration of Kukur Tihar, which takes place every year in Nepal.

On this special day, dogs receive flowers, garlands and delicious food. This event is celebrated on the second day of the famous Festival of Lights, a five-day Hindu celebration. It is very popular in Nepal but also in the Indian states of Assam, Sikkim and Darjeeling, located in West Bengal. Tihar is the second largest festival in Nepal.

Local people consider it a must-see event, as it is a way to thank the gods but also the animals. The goal is to officially show them affection and gratitude for their loyalty and obedience. According to Hindu tradition, pets are the messengers of the god of death, Lord Yamaraj, and are the guardians of the gates of future life. For this reason, during Kukur Tihar, ordinary people celebrate and worship their four-legged friends.

It doesn’t matter whether dogs and cats are strays or belong to a family. People give them flowers and food and draw on their foreheads the typical red dot of the Hindu religion. This coloured sign, called ‘tika‘, represents that the animal is a blessing for all those who see it and offer it gifts or something to eat. For example, a bowl of good quality milk, eggs, meat or feed.

Saint Anthony, Spain

Every year, on the 17th of January, the Iberian Peninsula celebrates Saint Anthony’s Day, the patron saint of animals. It is customary for animal owners to go to various parts of the city to be blessed by the priest. It is a time of great emotion for the faithful, when man and animal come together under divine blessing. This is also an opportunity to remember the pets who are no longer there and to whom we often owe moments of great happiness and indelible memories.

World Animal Day – A Celebration for Everyone

Finally, every year, on the 4th of October, World Animal Day takes place. It is a way to remind everyone of the need to protect and defend the animal world. On this occasion, there are events, festivals and celebrations all over the world to raise awareness among people and institutions.

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