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How to write a sponsorship proposal?

© familymwr (Flickr) Wiesbaden military community runners join in city-wide 25-hour charity
© familymwr (Flickr)
Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself and or your team. Include a brief history of your current activities and future aims. This is important in helping to establish your group’s reputation, so there is no risk involved for the sponsor.

Describe why you need corporate sponsorship and why you have approached them.

Then, describe the event and explain how the money will be spent. Include a list or description of the people who will be involved in the project, such as their ages, background or abilities. In other words, any information which will be a motivating factor for the potential sponsor.
What’s in it for them?
A sponsorship proposal should include the benefits the potential sponsor will gain from giving their money.

Specify if the event is going to have an audience. If this is the case, describe the type and potential size of the audience.

An event sponsorship proposal should include a list of the media which will be used to publicise the event. In so doing, the sponsor will know where their logo and name will be advertised.

Make a list of potential media contacts to show that you have researched your potential market.
This looks professional and it should appeal to a corporate sponsor.

Lastly, explain how you will follow up the impact of their sponsorship.
Follow up
A follow-up letter is important to show the sponsor how they have benefited from your event. Include a description of where the company’s name or logo was shown, including banners and leaflets and other media. Also include the number of website views, mention any newspaper articles and the number of spectators and teams present at the event.

A follow-up shows the sponsor that you are professional. It also might encourage them to sponsor you for future events.
Long-term sponsorship
A corporate sponsorship proposal might open the door to a long-term sponsorship for your club or team.

For this reason, make sure that following the event, you invite your sponsor to any appropriate activities organised by your group. Even if it is not to establish a longer-term relationship with the sponsor, it will be a way to thank them for their generosity.

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