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Grand Hotel Rimini: Federico Fellini's favourite hotel

The Grand hotel Rimini has a glorious and dramatic past; built in 1908 by Paolo Somazzi, a famous architect from South America, the luxury hotel was heavily damaged during the course of its long history; first by a fire (and this only two years after its inauguration) and then during World War II when a few bombs were dropped on it.

Italian movie director Federico Fellini who was born in Rimini loved to reminisce on the old days, lingering on the period when the hotel was the hangout of the rich and famous (if you what to find out more about the subject, see Fellini’s Amarcord).

In 1994 the Grand Hotel Rimini, after a careful restoration, was put on the list of Protected Heritage Monuments.
With 117 rooms including 3 royal suites and 9 junior suites, the hotel, built in the neo classic style, still retains its original features, including the sumptuous furniture from the 18th century.
In order to meet the needs of companies and businessmen, a Conference Centre has been built just a stone’s throw away from the hotel.

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