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This Thailand’s Lake Is Covered with Pink Lotus Flowers in Winter

Thailand's Lake

It is a lotus sea. In the Thai province of Udon Thani there is a surreal lake that offers spectacular scenery in winter. This Thailand‘s lake becomes an expanse of pink lotus flowers with the most incredible streaks. This magic is occurring in these very days, with the full blooming of aquatic plants.

The Thailand’s Lake Covered with Flowers

In the North East of Thailand, Kumphawapi there is one of the most incredible places in the world. It’s the Red Lotus Sea, a lake entirely covered with lotus flowers with colours ranging from pink to red.

This floating garden is a spectacle of nature.

You can rent a boat from the marina Bandium and row to the center of the lake. There you can have a full view of the water surface entirely covered with flowers and find yourself surrounded by an immense red mantle. Millions of lotus flowers cover an area of 600 acres.

In the lake there are also some islets on which Buddha statues, temples and pagodas stand. The islands are almost magical because they seem to float on a sea of lotus flowers. The waters of the lake are very calm and, once you reach the centre, you can find yourself in absolute peace.

Visiting the Lake

From mid-December the waters of this freshwater lake begin to be covered with flowers in various shades of red. Only once bloomed, however, the flowers give their majestic splendor, with dozens of intense shades ranging from candy pink to carmine red through fuchsia and coral.

To enjoy the show, there is time until the end of February. You can rent a rowing boat, take part in guided tours or ask one of the many fishermen who, aboard traditional Thai boats, sail the waters of Nong Han Kumphawapi to collect lotus seeds.

The best time to watch the lotus bloom on the lake is during the cool season, but the boom is between December and the end of February. If you want a unique experience, you can visit the lake in mid-January, when the Red Lotus Sea Festival is also held.

The best time to admire the flowering is early in the morning, around 6am. As the sun rises, the lotus flowers begin to close. Needless to say, you have to be very careful not to damage them: there are some precise routes to follow, some “roads” in the thick carpet of leaves and flowers that covers the Nong Han Kumphawapi.

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