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Health spas in Milan: Atomic Spa Suisse

13 March, 2020
Did you have a stressful Christmas? Do you feel exhausted and in need to rejuvenate yourself? If so, the Atomic Spa Suisse in Milan is what you need. Located within the luxury Boscolo Exedra hotel in Milan, this spa can…

Rome hosts Tears of Eros exhibition

13 March, 2020
Organised by Schicchi, the exhibition Tears of eros dedicated to Photographer Angelo Cricchi includes pictures from the Gloom Sunday series and Misty Beethoven Erotic Parade. Visitors will have the unique possibility to see a series of fictional portrais of famous…

Italian showgirls: the blonde and brunette Le Veline 2008

13 March, 2020
Italy’s showgirl contest, Le veline, has concluded for 2008 with Costanza Caracciolo and Federica Nargi winning the competition. Italy’s famous “veline” perform on the satirical show “Striscia la notizia”, and the showgirl competition involves weeks of televised national trials.It is…

Holidays in Umbria: holiday complex Locanda del Prete

13 March, 2020
Surrounded by old walls built in the 13th century and rolling green hills, the hamlet of Saragano in Umbria is a corner of paradise where people can relax and enjoy a few days away from the maddening crowd. The stone…

What is Britain’s national dish?

For a nation that has absorbed the cuisines of almost every country around the world, it is difficult to define but what is Britain’s national dish?