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Holidays in Val d'Aosta: Hotel La Meridiana

18 April, 2020
It’s not the first time that we talk about Val d’Aosta, its wine trails and the enchanted beauty of its mountains, but today we want to focus on a small family managed hotel located in the picturesque village of Saint…

Italian snacks: party food from Naples

18 April, 2020
This is a great Italian recipe for snack food at your next party that will definitely keep the punters happy. Obviously, we have to look to Southern Italy for the biggest dishes in Italian cooking, and this is one from…

Barbara D'Urso's big natural boobs

18 April, 2020
Tv host Barbara D’Urso in an interview granted to Gente magazine, talks at length about her boobs which, I am quoting here, are natural and amazingly firm. Mrs D’urso also reveals that she was a rather shy girl always wearing…

Paolo Meneguzzi makes his American debut

18 April, 2020
Here’s a piece of news for you: Paolo Meneguzzi will soon have his artistic debut in America and this thanks to Ricky Martin, the sexy star from Puerto Rico. It seems that the singer and his manager were deeply struck…

Italian Heritage: Thun castle opens after restoration

18 April, 2020
After a careful restoration which took 18 years, the Mediaeval Thun castle is now ready to open its doors to the public (17 April). Perched on a steep hillock, the place is considered one of the best preserved fortresses here…

Dessert from Sicily: homemade cannoli

18 April, 2020
This is one Italian dessert recipe which, when made at home, will certainly impress your guests, and can be considered the icing on the cake of your Italian Christmas dinner. Like any pastry, getting this part right is the trick,…

Night skiing in Italy: snow shoeing in Emilia Romagna

18 April, 2020
You can do your last skiing in Italy this month and a particularly spectacular way of finishing the ski season is with a snow shoeing expedition by night. At Comprensorio del Corno alle Scale a ‘ciaspolata‘ expedition by the light…

Famous kisses on show for Valentine's Day in Italy

18 April, 2020
The Amalfi Coast and Salerno are very romantic places in Italy, no more so than on Saint Valentine’s Day. This year the town of Cava dei Tirreni is taking Valentine celebrations one step further in an exhibition called “Una città…

Italian gourmet recipes: pot roasted eel with laurel and polenta

18 April, 2020
For anyone who thought Italian cuisine was about pasta and pizza, think again. At the latest “Mille Bollicine per un Vespaiolo” competition (a competition about sparkling wine and food matching), the best recipe with Vespaiolo extra dry was pot roasted…

Rome: Europe's best city

18 April, 2020
Rome is on its way to becoming Europe’s best city according to the Tripadvisor website and its users.While highlighting the fact that Rome is Europe’s second dirtiest city (after Athens) and that plenty of tourist traps exist for travellers, Tripadvisor…
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